Hi there, I’m Shira. I’m a Colorado-based writer who enjoys reading, crafting, traveling, video games, and reality TV. I also live with mental illness.

Mad Moon Rising is an attempt to come to terms with the mental healthcare system in the United States that has both helped and hindered me throughout my life. It is also an attempt to share my experiences and insights as someone in recovery from addiction and bulimia, and as someone living with various comorbid psychiatric conditions, including bipolar 1 disorder and borderline personality disorder. My vision is a blog filled with essays, poetry, visual artwork, pop culture reviews, and whatever else speaks to me at any given moment.

My hope is that one day Mad Moon Rising will include other voices as well — voices of fellow mental health consumers, voices of people with diagnoses that are different from my own, voices of anyone and everyone who knows what it’s like to live with a hidden disability in a dysfunctional world.